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Understanding the basics of Jones Act claims in Louisiana

If you were injured in the course of working aboard a ship near the Louisiana coastline, you may be able to recover under the Jones Act. This legislation, codified in the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, provides certain protections and avenues of redress for maritime employees.

How can I stay safe onboard a vessel?

Maritime occupations are among the most dangerous in Louisiana. There are many risks aboard a vessel that can lead to serious accidents and fatalities. It is essential that every vessel is properly prepared to head out on the water and all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of its crew. If you work in the maritime industry, you should always be watching for signs that you are onboard an unsafe vessel. Recognizing unsafe conditions is your first line of defense against accidents that could claim your life.

Why are marine jobs so dangerous?

Marine jobs are one of the most dangerous in Louisiana. While there are plenty of other jobs that pose safety risks, this field leads the nation as being the most perilous to workers. You might wonder why maritime jobs are so risky. When looking at the field, it becomes a little easier to understand.

What can you do to stay safer on an oil rig job?

Each day, hundreds of oil workers like yourself, undertake a variety of physically strenuous and dangerous tasks. Whether you are new to the oil industry in Louisiana, or have years of experience performing responsibilities on the rig, you may benefit from learning more about what you can do to stay safe on the job.

Know the differences between the Jones Act and the LHWCA

If you work on or near a ship and got injured, you might be wondering what you should do. Instead of traditional workers' compensation, you have two options for filing a claim: under the Jones Act or under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.

What you need to know about the Jones Act

While personal injury claims and workers’ compensation filings may be common for workers on Louisiana land, if you are hurt while at sea, you may be confused about what help is available to you. This is why the Jones Act was created, to provide guidance for seamen when it comes to jobsite injures. The law offices of Jacqueline A. Scott and Associates use this act to ensure that you get the compensation and assistance you need to recover from a variety of injuries.

What are some common shipyard injuries?

While you can be hurt in any line of work, there are certain types of injuries that are more common in Louisiana shipyards than in other areas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that many of these occur during duties that involve hot work, such as brazing, welding and cutting. There are several ways you can be injured while performing any of these tasks.

How to prevent man overboard fatality on commercial vessels

In Louisiana, the commercial fishing industry employs a wide range of dedicated workers. Accordingly, ensuring the safety of all those working aboard commercial vessels is crucial. Here at Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, we are well acquainted with the types of risks commercial fishermen face on a daily basis. Such risks include man overboard accidents, which can lead to tragic consequences if the proper safety steps are not observed.

Putting employee safety over cost savings

Deepwater Horizon was a movie that shined a Hollywood-sized spotlight on the tragic 2010 explosion that killed 11 workers and injured 17 workers. Released in September of 2016, the film documented the events leading up to the catastrophe that cost BP more than $60 million.

How to settle a Longshore Act injury claim in Louisiana

When you file a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, you have the option of settling your claim. While settling may seem preferable to enduring the often drawn out process of formal hearings, you should understand exactly what settlement entails.

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