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Recent birth control pill recall

Recalls of medications in Louisiana can have long-lasting effects. Sometimes patients may not be aware of the recall and keep using the medication. In some cases, damage is already done once a recall is made. According to Time, in May 2017, there was a recall on birth control pills made by the manufacturer Lupin Pharmaceuticals. The issue with the pills was the first four pills in each pack were not active and were only placebos. This, obviously, rendered the pills ineffective against preventing pregnancy.

What is the Medical Review Panel?

If you are a Louisiana resident who has suffered injury or other loss due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or health care facility, you deserve to be compensated. When considering whether or not to bring a medical malpractice suit, be aware that your case must be submitted to the Medical Review Panel prior to going to court.

Preventing medication errors

Medication errors can cause major health problems and even lead to death in Louisiana. Most errors of this kind are a result of human error. The good news, though, is this means they are preventable. Patients and caregivers can do their part to help stop medication errors.

Items may be left behind following a procedure

Millions of people across the country enter the operating room each year, both for simple procedures and more complicated operations. While most expect to leave the OR in better shape than they entered, many do not anticipate leaving with a surgical souvenir that was mistakenly left inside their bodies. Although this may seem unheard of, at least 4,000 cases involving retained surgical items occur in the U.S. every year. Surgeons and other operating room staff may inadvertently leave a surgical sponge, or other piece of equipment behind in an operating site and suture before removing those items.

Medical misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose

When patients go into the emergency room or outpatient clinic, they are often stressed, in pain and/or suffering from an unknown condition. People go in searching for medical assistance from trusted health care professionals and may not receive the proper diagnosis as to what is wrong. In some cases, people may not receive a diagnosis at all, even though they have a critical condition that could affect their wellbeing.

Factors contributing to sentinel events

Part of the trust between Louisiana patients and their doctors stems from the belief that in the operating room, the surgeon will perform the right surgery on the right part of the body. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Wrong-site, wrong-procedure and wrong-patient errors, also known as WSPEs, are the horrifying results of a serious medical error.

Is your loved one being neglected in the nursing home?

The elderly population is growing each year in America. More baby boomers are entering their golden years, and additionally, more seniors are living longer lives. Not all seniors can take care of themselves, leaving them vulnerable to caregivers, whether family or professional. In fact, the Administration on Aging believes the problem is much more widespread than reported. Even among residents of nursing homes, neglect is prevalent.

Reviewing examples of surgical errors

From prescribing the wrong medicine to errors involving anesthesia, there are many examples of medical professional negligence. In Bossier City, and across all parts of Louisiana, patients who are preparing for surgery or recently underwent a surgical operation may want to familiarize themselves with different types of surgical errors. When these errors occur, they can result in debilitating injuries and, in some cases, the loss of life.

Medication errors and how they can affect your life

Medication errors are a serious problem that can happen for a variety of reasons. If a patient is given the wrong type of medication or the wrong dosage, the consequences can be devastating. In the United States, close to 1.3 million people deal with injuries related to medication errors every year. Between your healthcare professional and the pharmacist, you should trust that you are getting exactly what you need in the form that you need it.

Identifying the signs of a negligent nursing home

When placing a loved one in a Louisiana nursing home, family members naturally expect the very best care will be afforded. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some nursing homes neglect residents’ health and well-being, or may even commit actions that could be construed as abusive. To this end, it’s important to be aware of the common signs of a neglectful nursing home to prevent tragedy from occurring.

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