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After a serious accident in the workplace, you need to make sure that you get the medical care, rehabilitation services, and compensation you need. Anything less is not fair to yourself or your family.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates is a law firm that has helped thousands of victims of workplace accidents and other serious mishaps obtain compensation for their losses and suffering. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and have the resources needed to win for our clients.

Our firm represents clients in all types of workplace accident cases, including:

  • Logging accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Oil field accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • And others

Our goal in every case is to maximize the compensation the client receives from all sources, including workers' compensation and any third-party claim.

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Maximizing Your Compensation

Most workers on a payroll in Louisiana are covered by workers' compensation insurance. But if your accident was caused by a third-party such as a sub-contractor on the job site or defective equipment, you may be able to claim compensation from that source too. This third-party claim can include compensation for your pain and suffering as well as your medical expenses and lost wages.

It is important to coordinate your workers' compensation claim and any third-party claim you have. Our firm works in both areas, and we will work to maximize the compensation you receive from all sources.

Building the Case for Compensation

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates will work to develop a strong and persuasive case. Our first step will be to understand the full extent of your injury. Working with your physician and medical experts when necessary, we will identify the treatment and services you need to recover to the fullest extent possible. In a third-party claim or one involving a maritime injury, we will also investigate the cause of the accident using accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, and other professionals.

Remember, in a workplace accident case, you have one chance to get the compensation you need to recover.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates will work to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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