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Finding the truth about medical providers

Louisiana medical providers — and the businesses they work for — wield significant power in their communities. They are often wealthy, respected people and businesses. Furthermore, medical procedures typically have an element of risk. Sometimes this risk is of grievous harm to the patient. All of these factors combined make the pursuit of medical malpractice claims a delicate process.

Luckily, there are some checks on the power and supposed credibility held by hospitals, doctors and nurses. The first line of defense against incompetent medical practice is comprised of the rigorous background checks and reviews many healthcare providers must pass in order to legally administer treatment in the state. There are also some government organizations that help investigate malpractice claims.

One significant body is the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. According to the LSBME website, this organization takes on the following duties associated with malpractice cases.

  • Administering discipline to licensed practitioners who violate the rules
  • Keeping a record of disciplinary actions
  • Looking into complaints against licensees

Another important state office is that of the Commissioner of Administration. The Department of Administration Medical Review Panel could provide investigative and relief services for some medical malpractice claimants, according to the DOA website. Individuals who believe a medical provider in the public sector wronged them might find an ally in this review panel.

The DOA site mentions that it involves itself with qualified medical professionals. There are often many such limitations on the power of state organizations, so it often benefits claimants to thoroughly examine the evidence and particulars of their cases before sending out petitions or filling out complaint forms. There is a statute of limitations on medical malpractice injury claims, so it is often wise to focus resources on the strategies most likely to lead to obtaining compensation.

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