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How can expungement give me a second chance?

When it comes to criminal charges and convictions in Louisiana, the fewer you have, the better. After serving your time and dealing with the consequences associated with your situation, you may be ready to put everything behind you and move on. Today’s society is not too forgiving of people who have criminal records. Fortunately, you may be able to wipe your criminal record clean with expungement.

Here is a brief overview of how expungement can give you a second chance to live life without a criminal record.

The impact of having a criminal record

Most employers perform background and criminal record checks on potential employees. A criminal record can bar you from many jobs and careers. It can keep you from advancing in your current position, limit your earning potential and result in you being let go from your current place of employment. Finding a job while you have a criminal record is a lot more challenging. Many employers may choose other candidates who do not have criminal convictions instead of offering you the opportunity to prove yourself worthy. A criminal record can also make it harder for you to qualify for housing and public benefits. Many public and some private programs have stipulations in place that prevent them from offering benefits to criminal offenders. Criminal convictions can also damage your personal and professional relationships.

How expungement can help

Expungement is a one-time deal that can give you a clean record. Not everyone who has a criminal record qualifies for expungement. In order to be eligible for expungement, you must meet certain criteria. You must also file a motion with the courts. If approved, you no longer have to answer “yes” when asked about having a criminal record or if you have been arrested for committing a crime.

Living with a criminal record can be challenging, but there is no reason for you to continue suffering after you have satisfied the conditions of your sentence and repaid your debt to society. If you are ready for a second chance at having a clean criminal background, you should speak to an attorney about your situation to learn your options.

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