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How can motorists avoid accidents in the winter?

On behalf of Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates posted in medical malpractice on Friday, January 19, 2018.

Many motorists in Louisiana are not familiar with driving in snowy and icy conditions and are likely to encounter difficulties in navigating the roads. Though there are more car accidents during the warmer months, the roads are harder to drive on during the wintertime. The winter is when 70 percent of traffic fatalities occur, states

Many motor vehicle collision can be prevented. Motorists can decrease the likelihood of them being involved in winter car accidents with the following tips.

Avoid abrupt and sudden maneuvers

Drivers should resist the temptation to jerk their steering wheels and slam on their brakes when their vehicles skid or slid on ice and snow. Abrupt movements can quickly cause more harm than good. Instead, motorists should use slow maneuvers to maintain control of their vehicles. Lightly tapping and applying pressure to the brakes and slowly turning their steering wheels can help vehicle operators to retain traction and avoid accidents.

Drive slowly

When the roads are slick from ice, snow and moisture, motorists should use caution and drive slower. Excessive speeds on slick roads are the perfect recipe for collisions. Driving slower provides motorists with more time to react and avoid hazards and potential accidents.

Put away the distractions

Wintertime driving conditions and distractions do not mix. It is important for drivers to pay complete attention to the roads and traffic while they drive. Distractions impair judgment, reduce reaction times and often lead to serious traffic injuries and fatalities.

Though some motorists lack experience with driving in wintery conditions, they should not overlook the risks. Taking the time to properly prepare their vehicles and use safe driving behaviors can help keep them safe.

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