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How to teach teens to be good drivers

On behalf of Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates posted in medical malpractice on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Parents are one of the biggest influences on teen drivers in Louisiana. They are often a teen’s first driving instructor. This is a role that is not to be taken lightly. Parents need to do their best to shape their teen into a driver who will be safe on the roadways. Luckily, there are many steps parents can take to do this.

Metlife suggests parents focus the first driving lessons on being alert. This means watching for other vehicles on the roads, looking out for those who are not obeying road laws and paying attention to unexpected things happen in their path. That could be anything from another vehicles pulling out in front of them to an animal running across the road. Teens need to learn about defensive driving and how they are ultimately responsible for their own safety when driving. They should be taught how to react in a variety of situations and to always be scanning the road.

Popular Mechanics urges parents to start driving with teens in a secluded area, such as an empty parking lot. This will allow the teen to get to know the vehicle and become familiar with its operation before getting on the roads with other vehicles. It can also be helpful for learning to drive in different conditions, such as rain and snow. It is also suggested to avoid being too harsh. This could make the teen anxious and nervous, which could impair his or her abilities behind the wheel. Keeping the air light and positive can go a long way towards helping the teen relax and focus better.

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