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Identifying the signs of a negligent nursing home

When placing a loved one in a Louisiana nursing home, family members naturally expect the very best care will be afforded. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some nursing homes neglect residents’ health and well-being, or may even commit actions that could be construed as abusive. To this end, it’s important to be aware of the common signs of a neglectful nursing home to prevent tragedy from occurring.

U.S. News & World Report details some of the most common signs of inadequate nursing home care. One of the most obvious and dangerous signs are residents who do not receive a sufficient amount of nourishment throughout the day. This is usually the result of being understaffed, which means that residents may be missing out on nutritious meals and even the appropriate level of hydration. Regarding staff issues, staff that is constantly at odds or in disagreement typically signals an ill-managed nursing home.

Residents may also exhibit certain changes if a nursing home is not providing the right level of care. In addition to physical signs (such as unexplained cuts and abrasions), mental and emotional changes are also common. A family member that was once happy and lively who suddenly turns ill-tempered might indicate instances of emotional neglect or even abuse.

If nursing home abuse is suspected, there are certain steps family members must take. The Administration for Community Living recommends reporting possible abuse to the proper authorities. When making a report, it’s common to be asked whether the resident of the nursing home suffers any medical conditions that could impact judgment. Providing contact information is also important when making a call, as well as listing any incidents of abuse witnessed. Of course, if a person is determined to be at grave risk, the person making a report should contact local law enforcement immediately to have the victim removed from the situation.

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