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Job hunting with a felony charge

On behalf of Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates posted in medical malpractice on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Once a person is convicted of a criminal charge in Louisiana, he or she has a criminal record that can be accessed by pretty much anyone. Many employers run background checks that look at criminal records. This can make it difficult for a convicted felon to find a job because many employers will not hire someone with a felony in their background. However, they can still get a job. They just need to take some special steps to help them towards their goal.

To begin with, everyone needs to understand their rights. According to Intellicorp, the state law says that state employers cannot ask applicants to disclose their criminal background on an employment application. Obviously, this will not help with private employers and certain positions are exempt from this ban, but knowing this can still be helpful.

In addition, Help for Felons recommends applying with smaller businesses where a background check may not be done or where the applicant can talk to the owner and explain his or her felony charges. Larger business usually streamline the hiring process and have strict rules about who they will and will not hire. Applying at small businesses allows convicted felons to get their foot in the door and some employment history under their belt.

Finally, consider self-employment or working as an independent contractor. In either situation, a criminal background will not matter. People should choose a profession in which they have skills and where the felony background will not hinder them in getting clients.

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