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Medical and legal complications of car crashes

If you were to be involved in a car crash in Louisiana, you would likely realize quite rapidly that the process of obtaining recompense for your injuries is complex and full of pitfalls. At Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, the last thing we want to see is an injured individual without the financial power to handle medical bills, pain recovery or other related expenses.

Our process begins with an organized overview of all of the problems involved in each client’s case. We look for the types of things you might be unlikely to think of when it comes to an auto accident:

  • Insurance records
  • Medical professionals’ conduct, including any possible malpractice
  • Delayed-onset spinal, brain or neck injuries
  • Trucking company liability

Although it might seem exasperating to start with a thorough review of all the facts, especially for what seems like a simple accident, we often find that exhaustive preparation eliminates many of the major risks involved with pursuing an injury claim. For example, ruling out the possibility of your having sustained certain types of brain injury might save you from agreeing to a less-than-adequate settlement from an insurance company.

We are committed to becoming a positive force in our clients’ lives. This is why we pursue each case carefully with the understanding that there is more than money on the line. If you were to sustain a serious injury in a crash, your very future could hang in the balance of pre-trial negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.

Injuries from auto accidents, even those that seem simple to you at first, could turn out to be either more severe or more complicated than you realize. Please look into this subject in further detail on our main site.

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