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Serious injuries can take the fun out of watersports

If you are looking forward to enjoying a day of fun on Lake Charles or out in the Gulf, you do not anticipate having to deal with accident injuries. It pays to be careful, however, because ankle, spine and head injuries are all too common in actions associated with watersports.

Falling off a Jet Ski®

When you are aboard a personal watercraft, the best safety advice is never to ride at a speed with which you are uncomfortable. It is easy to fall off a Jet Ski, and there is a possibility that you will hit your head on the watercraft, which may still be moving. In fact, head injuries and whiplash are frequent watercraft-related injuries.

Your attachment to water skis

When you fall over while waterskiing, your ankles will take the brunt of the fall because they are attached to the skis. Bad sprains and broken bones take a frustratingly long time to heal, but you should plan on being fully recovered before getting back to the watersport you love.

Paddleboard issues

Paddleboarding is one of the safer watersports, but injuries can still happen. Grasping the paddle too tightly, for example, can put pressure on your forearms that can lead to sore wrists. You can also fall off the board, which could cause a serious head or back injury.

Coming to your aid

As an experienced attorney can tell you, injuries that happen on the water are often handled much differently than similar injuries that occur on land. Depending on the circumstances, maritime law may come into play. For example, a traumatic brain injury you sustain in a fall off your personal watercraft could be caused by a collision or an unsafe boating maneuver, and the negligence of another person may need to be examined. You only want to enjoy a day of fun on the water, but if you are left with a severe injury, you will want a knowledgeable advocate who can help you deal with the medical and legal aftermath.

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