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Was your child charged with underage drinking at college?

Your son is hard-working, smart and attending a great college. Everything seems to be going great until you get an unexpected call that he has been busted for underage drinking. This shocking revelation comes with a whole host of questions. You might be wondering what this incident can mean for your son and his future. To help your child, you should understand the consequences of a minor in possession charge.

Punishments for an MIP charge

Louisiana law states that it is illegal for anyone under 21 years old to possess or purchase alcohol. Punishments for this juvenile crime can include:

  • Six months of jail time
  • $100 in fines
  • Driver license suspension of 180 days

Thankfully, your son may be able to avoid a full suspension of his driver license. If this is a first-time offense and he can prove it would be a hardship to be unable to drive to school or work, he may be able to get a restricted driver license from the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

College consequences

Every academic institute has varying policies regarding alcohol. Louisiana State University, for example, prohibits any possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages on its campus. If your son violated the university policy, he may be subject to a disciplinary warning, rehabilitation programs, community service, residential relocation, suspension or expulsion.

Criminal record

An MIP charge will also go on your son’s permanent record. This can affect his ability to get a job and apply for scholarships. The good news is that a minor’s criminal record can be expunged under certain circumstances.

If you want to ensure your son has the best shot at a successful future, be sure to contact a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer can help reduce, drop or expunge the charges against your child. While you might be worried, the right legal counsel can help get your son’s life back on track.

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