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What to know before having an appendectomy

On behalf of Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates posted in medical malpractice on Monday, December 11, 2017.

One of the most common surgeries in Louisiana is an appendectomy. This is the removal of the appendix. This small organ is not needed for normal body function, so removing it is perfectly okay. If it gets infected, removal can save a person’s life. However, a with any surgery, an appendectomy comes with risks.

According to Healthline, the main risks of an appendectomy are those general risks that come with any type of surgery. This includes infection, injury to other organs, bleeding and bowel issues. Doctors typically try to minimize risks by getting to know about a patient’s medical history and current physical condition.

Before going in for surgery to remove the appendix, Everyday Health recommends patients should be completely honest with their doctor about their health and habits. This means telling a doctor about any chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. It also includes telling him or her about allergies. Patients should also disclose their drinking, smoking or drug use habits. Medications should also be discussed, even those taken over the counter and herbal remedies. There are plenty of issues that may arise during surgery due to lifestyle, health and drug use, so doctors must be kept informed.

Patients should also follow all the directions given for before surgery, such as not eating or drinking. However, many appendectomies are emergency surgeries because there is not much advanced warning before an appendix is to the point where it needs to be removed. The medical personnel will usually handle preparing the patient to prevent issues that might arise from food in the stomach.

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