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Acute soft-tissue injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2017 | Injuries

Whether someone in Bossier City rear-ends your vehicle in stop-and-go traffic, or they run a red light and t-bone you at an intersection, the resulting blow can cause a number of types of injuries. The team at Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates is familiar with the ways that a motor vehicle crash can leave a Louisiana resident hurting, even in the case of an injury that does not show up on an x-ray.

Your tendons and ligaments are made of soft tissue, and they connect your muscles to the bones, and the bones to each other, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. If you are hit by something during a collision, it may cause an acute soft-tissue injury. Twisting, stretching or another similar trauma may lead to the same type of damage.

Contusions are the result of crushed connective tissue and muscle fibers from a blow. The blood rises to the surface, but since the skin is not broken, it collects there and causes the purple, blue and green colors of the bruise.

The back is one area of your body that may be strained as the result of a stretched or torn muscle or tendon. You may notice this injury because of muscle weakness, cramps or spasms, inflammation and pain. The area may also swell. A major tear may need to be surgically repaired, but for less serious strains, the doctor may recommend that you apply compression and ice to the area, and rest while it heals. You may also need physical therapy or gentle exercises when you are cleared to use the muscle again.

Sprains most often occur to the knees, ankles and wrists, and these are damage to the ligament. They cause similar symptoms as strains do, and like strains, they require compression. You may also need a brace. Ice, elevation and rest, followed by gentle use and possibly physical therapy are all typically recommended.

Following the health care provider’s instructions carefully does speed recovery, but you may still have to refrain from using the affected soft tissues for quite some time. More information about car crash injuries is available on our web page.