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What you need to know about the Jones Act

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

While personal injury claims and workers’ compensation filings may be common for workers on Louisiana land, if you are hurt while at sea, you may be confused about what help is available to you. This is why the Jones Act was created, to provide guidance for seamen when it comes to jobsite injures. The law offices of Jacqueline A. Scott and Associates use this act to ensure that you get the compensation and assistance you need to recover from a variety of injuries.

Not all workers are eligible for coverage under the Jones Act. In order to qualify, your work needs to aid in the function of a navigable vessel, such as an oil tanker, fishing boat or cargo ship. The accident that causes your injury does not have to occur at sea, but can also happen while you are working on a dock or in a shipyard.

The Jones Act can allow you to obtain compensation for the treatment of your injury and any medical bills. You can also receive wages that were lost as well as future earnings. If the accident caused disfigurement or physical pain and suffering, you can be compensated for those as well. Sometimes, injuries are so severe that you will be unable to return to your previous job, in which case you can also receive covered training for a new position.

You must meet the requirements set forth in order to be eligible for compensation under this act. To learn more about the Jones Act, visit our web site.