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Birth control recall due to packaging mistake

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Women across Louisiana and the nation should take a look at their birth control. WRAL reports that a pharmaceutical company has issued a recall on a lot of birth control pills that have been placed into the package incorrectly. The lot at issue put placebo pills into the wrong order, which could put those taking the medication at risk of unintended pregnancy.

The birth control pills being recalled are Mibelas 24 Fe lot L600518, and according to WNEP, this lot has placed the placebo pills into the package where the “active” pills normally go, for the first four days of the cycle. Taking the pills out of order can render them less effective, which can result in pregnancy. The packages were put into the holder upside down, which makes the labeling of both the lot number and the expiration date illegible. The pills themselves are two different colors: active pills are white and are imprinted with “N81” on one side and “LU” on the reverse. The placebo pills are darker in color and have “M22” on one side and “LU” on the other. There are 24 white pills and only four placebo pills.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, the drug manufacturer, is sending a letter notifying distributors and consumers of the problem. The faulty packages of pills were distributed across the country to pharmacies, wholesalers, and clinics, so those who have been prescribed this form of birth control should be cautious and check to see if their pills were effected.

As of May 25, there were no reported issues resulting from the packaging error.