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Drunk driving charges and employment

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A person who is convicted or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana faces serious consequences. These are not just legal consequences either. The effects can spread to include employment ramifications. Many people worry that a DUI could lead to losing their job or being unable to find employment. According to BACtrack, this is a valid concern because many employers will look at a person’s criminal background and a DUI is a criminal charge.

Depending on the employment contract, an employer may have the right to fire an employee who is convicted of a DUI. A charge or even an arrest without an actual charge could also prevent a person from being hired. In industries where the company has to be insured, the insurance company may stipulate the company cannot employ people with this type of charge.

In some cases, a conviction can mean the loss of a professional license. It can also restrict what fields in which a person can be employed. Employers in the medical field and law enforcement, for example, conduct complete background checks and a DUI can render a person ineligible to work for such companies or organizations. Even in other industries, employers have the right to conduct a background search and a charge could influence the hiring decision.

PBS notes that while a drunk driving conviction can make finding employment more difficult, there is something a job seeker might be able to do to overcome it. A good rule of thumb is for a person to try to get referrals instead of applying to positions with a resume. A referral holds some weight, which may lead to an employer considering someone instead of writing them off because of a conviction. In addition, it allows the person to explain their situation instead of the employer reading the generic charges on a background check.