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Distracted driving paving the way for new car technology

| Dec 8, 2017 | Car Accidents

One thing that many motorists in Bossier do not think much about is how their actions affect road safety until they find themselves involved in crashes. As dangerous as driving can be, many individuals take chances and use their cellphones, eat and mess around with things inside of their cars while they are operating their vehicles. They simply cannot wait until they are off the roads to avoid distractions. 

3,450 victims lost their lives to distracted drivers in 2016, states ConsumerReports. Thousands more were injured. The number of road injuries and fatalities that occur are increasing. Motorists are not paying attention to the roads and using their driving skills wisely, causing their cars to become weapons. 

There are laws in place to prevent distracted driving. Many individuals do not follow them. In addition to driving while distracted, they also disregard other driving laws and rules, increasing the risk of harm to themselves and others. According to Forbes.com, motorists are not doing enough to avoid distractions while they drive, so car manufacturers are using technology to do it for them. 

With the use of more intuitive apps, driverless cars and other technology, motorists may no longer need to focus on the roads. They can nap, eat and use their smartphones and mobile devices without creating a negative impact on traffic safety. 

Until driverless cars become the norm and readily available to the public, drivers should focus on the roads, avoid distractions and reckless driving. If they do not, they could find themselves injured, dead or dealing with the aftermath of any injuries and death they cause to others.