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Dangers of electric heaters

As the weather turns colder, some people rely on electric heaters in Louisiana to stay warm. With a fairly nice climate all year round, it is not always essential to warm up a cold home all over. Space heaters can be a nice way to add some warmth to fight off chilly temperatures in just the used areas of a home. However, these heaters also pose a safety risk. Using them properly and understanding their risks is the only way a person can protect their home and family from danger.

SafeElectricity.org notes the leading cause of home fires in colder months are electric heaters. These heaters should only be used while someone is home and able to monitor its use. They should be used only according to manufacturers' specifications. In addition, they can get hot to the touch, so children should be monitored around them. Tipping hazards create the most dangerous situations. This is why it is important for children and pets to be watched around a working heater. It is also important for people to check local codes as some areas have banned space heaters.

How drug courts impact methamphetamine addiction

If you or someone you love ever had a methamphetamine addiction, then you may have first-hand knowledge about just how debilitating and damaging such an addiction can be. The highly addictive drug leads many people to do things they may never consider had they not had such an addiction, but the drug addiction is also tremendously hard for many users to beat on their own.

Drug courts, or programs offered to some drug offenders as alternatives to prison sentences, have many positive effects on drug users and their communities. In addition to saving considerable money, helping reduce crime and helping keep families of drug users together, they also have proven, positive effects on methamphetamine addiction. For example, drug courts:

What is the Medical Review Panel?

If you are a Louisiana resident who has suffered injury or other loss due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or health care facility, you deserve to be compensated. When considering whether or not to bring a medical malpractice suit, be aware that your case must be submitted to the Medical Review Panel prior to going to court.

The Louisiana Division of Administration explains that the Medical Review Panel consists of three health care providers and one attorney. The attorney cannot vote, but rather serves as chairman of the panel and has the following duties:

  • To convene the panel
  • To expedite selection of the three health care providers
  • To establish the schedule of evidence submission

Why are marine jobs so dangerous?

Marine jobs are one of the most dangerous in Louisiana. While there are plenty of other jobs that pose safety risks, this field leads the nation as being the most perilous to workers. You might wonder why maritime jobs are so risky. When looking at the field, it becomes a little easier to understand.

Marine Insight brings attention to several of the main reasons the maritime industry is so hazardous. Many of the reasons are based on the general work environment because there are really no set work hours and no comfortable work spaces. The jobs are hard and demanding, both physically and mentally. When a worker is worn out, it is much easier to make mistakes.

Car crashes and your child’s future

From the loss of life to being unable to work, there are many ways that motor vehicle collisions can upend peoples’ lives. Sadly, in Louisiana, some parents learn that their child was involved in a motor vehicle collision. At Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, we know of many different reasons why this can be particularly tough. If you are a parent whose child was hit by a drunk driver, or involved in any other type of crash, it is vital for you to take steps to protect his or her future.

Car wrecks can upend a child’s future in various ways. For starters, it can affect them physically, whether they suffer from a permanent disability and are never able to walk or miss out on important experiences in their life due to a short-term disability. For example, a broken leg could be disastrous for an aspiring sports star in high school. Moreover, these crashes can lead to financial hardships for parents, placing additional strains on the child and the entire family. Moreover, some victims of car accidents may have deep mental trauma that follows them throughout life, while others may be depressed because the accident has caused them to miss out on life.

Preventing medication errors

Medication errors can cause major health problems and even lead to death in Louisiana. Most errors of this kind are a result of human error. The good news, though, is this means they are preventable. Patients and caregivers can do their part to help stop medication errors.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, caregivers need to take responsibility and ensure patients are being safely given medications. Medical personnel should ensure patients are educated on the medications they are taking. This includes explaining to them about its effects, dosage and usage. They should also ensure they gather all patient information correctly, especially information on current medications being taken, along with verifying medical conditions. Caregivers also need to communicate clearly with each other, including ensuring prescriptions are written legibly and proper abbreviations are used. Finally, they need to become more educated on the drugs they are prescribing, including knowing about interactions, names, uses, guidelines and common mix ups.

How to stay on top of product recalls

Every Louisiana citizen is subject to having a consumer product they have purchased being recalled. According to USA.gov, recalls are issued when a manufacturer discovers a problem with its product that could pose a risk to consumers. For example, this could be that a product was mislabeled or that it is defective. Consumers may be asked to return or exchange the item or to send for a repair kit. In some cases, consumers are alerted they should no longer use the product and provide instructions for obtaining a refund.

When products are recalled, the manufacturer issues a recall alert. Sometimes alerts are publicized through press releases that are shown on the news. Some companies will also place recall notices on their websites. There are also government agencies that stay on top of alerts and provide the information to consumers.

Getting life back on track after drug charges

Drug use often does not seem like a serious problem until the moment when you are behind bars and facing drug charges. According to the Louisiana Drug Control Update, in previous years, the state has had a higher than average drug-related death rate. Alarming figures such as this make it clear that drug use is, in fact, a serious problem for people of all ages and backgrounds.

You can work to get your life back on track, however, if you are facing drug-related charges. Addressing substance abuse and its consequences head-on is the best way to overcome it. The following three tips are a good place to start if you are in this situation.

How many lives are lost due to drunk driving?

From distractions that divert the attention of drivers to reckless speeding and poor weather, auto crashes happen for many reasons. Sadly, in Bossier City, and on roads across the entire state of Louisiana, some of these accidents are caused by drivers who decide to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. To make matters worse, these wrecks claim many lives each year and leave victims' families with devastating sadness and even financial woes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that an average of 28 people lose their lives due to drunk driving each day in the U.S. In fact, the NHTSA says that the chances of people being involved in a collision caused by drunk driving during their life is one out of three. Throughout 2015, DUI wrecks claimed more than 10,200 lives. For the relatives of those who pass away in these accidents, it can be even more difficult to know that the crash should never have happened in the first place. Sadly, lives continue to be cut short due to reckless behavior and every 51 minutes, another person's life will be claimed because of drunk driving, on average.

Drunk driving charges and employment

A person who is convicted or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana faces serious consequences. These are not just legal consequences either. The effects can spread to include employment ramifications. Many people worry that a DUI could lead to losing their job or being unable to find employment. According to BACtrack, this is a valid concern because many employers will look at a person's criminal background and a DUI is a criminal charge.

Depending on the employment contract, an employer may have the right to fire an employee who is convicted of a DUI. A charge or even an arrest without an actual charge could also prevent a person from being hired. In industries where the company has to be insured, the insurance company may stipulate the company cannot employ people with this type of charge.

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