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How can motorists avoid accidents in the winter?

Many motorists in Louisiana are not familiar with driving in snowy and icy conditions and are likely to encounter difficulties in navigating the roads. Though there are more car accidents during the warmer months, the roads are harder to drive on during the wintertime. The winter is when 70 percent of traffic fatalities occur, states TheZebra.com. 

Many motor vehicle collision can be prevented. Motorists can decrease the likelihood of them being involved in winter car accidents with the following tips. 

The facts about Louisiana expungements

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and sometimes those mistakes can hinder personal growth. In the case of criminal charges, a record expungement can remove that mistake from public record and allow you to strive to live a regular, productive life.

This process may vary depending upon the state you live in. There are a few key elements to be aware of in regards to the expungement process in Louisiana.

Is medical marijuana allows on cruise ships?

You may be used to being able to legally use medical marijuana in Louisiana. Perhaps you have a condition where the substance works better than anything else to bring you healing. However, if you are planning on going on a cruise, can you bring your medical marijuana along? The answer may surprise you. 

Cruzely notes that you must remember federal law still lists marijuana of any kind as illegal. Crusie ships can follow state or federal laws, so if they are docked in Louisiana, they could follow the state's laws, but they have uniformly decided to follow federal law. This means you cannot use medical marijuana on a cruise ship. 

How to avoid texting and grooming while driving

If you are in the habit of using your cellphone when you drive around Bossier City, you are not the only one. According to a study on Wired.com, 88 percent of distances traveled are done by drivers who are using their cellphones while operating their vehicles. Distractions make the roads more dangerous and less predictable. 

Most distractions are avoidable, so are many car accidents. You should operate your vehicle without any distractions to keep your full attention on the roads. Here are some ways to reduce the temptation of using distractions while you drive. 

What does it mean to plead the 5th?

If you are facing criminal charges, you may wonder if you can plead the fifth. You have probably heard about pleading the fifth a lot. It is commonly used in the movies and in television shows. It refers to the fifth amendment of the constitution. The very basic definition of pleading the fifth, according to Time, is when you use your fifth amendment right to not incriminate yourself in a crime.

Basically, the fifth amendment says you have the right to not testify against yourself. You do not have to provide information to officers, the court or anyone else that will admit to your guilt. The fifth amendment includes other rights, but when someone says they are pleading the fifth, this is the specific verbiage they are talking about. 

Are power strips a fire hazard?

In today's high tech world, you probably have more things to plug in than places to plug them in. In a case like this, you probably use a power strip. However, what you may not realize is that many fires occur in Louisiana due to improperly used power strips. Knowing how to use them can help you to stay safe and keep your home and family safe.

You should always follow the instructions that come with the strip. According to Yale University, you should never try to tape, staple or otherwise secure a power strip except as noted in the instructions. You also need to buy only power strips that have an internal circuit breaker. This helps protect against overloading, which can easily lead to a fire.

What to know before having an appendectomy

One of the most common surgeries in Louisiana is an appendectomy. This is the removal of the appendix. This small organ is not needed for normal body function, so removing it is perfectly okay. If it gets infected, removal can save a person's life. However, a with any surgery, an appendectomy comes with risks. 

According to Healthline, the main risks of an appendectomy are those general risks that come with any type of surgery. This includes infection, injury to other organs, bleeding and bowel issues. Doctors typically try to minimize risks by getting to know about a patient's medical history and current physical condition. 

Distracted driving paving the way for new car technology

One thing that many motorists in Bossier do not think much about is how their actions affect road safety until they find themselves involved in crashes. As dangerous as driving can be, many individuals take chances and use their cellphones, eat and mess around with things inside of their cars while they are operating their vehicles. They simply cannot wait until they are off the roads to avoid distractions. 

3,450 victims lost their lives to distracted drivers in 2016, states ConsumerReports. Thousands more were injured. The number of road injuries and fatalities that occur are increasing. Motorists are not paying attention to the roads and using their driving skills wisely, causing their cars to become weapons. 

3 car accident injuries that take time to reveal themselves

This year appears to be on track for fewer severe injury and fatality crashes than 2016 in Louisiana. According to DataReports from Louisiana State University, there were 1,887 crashes involving severe and fatal injuries in 2016, while so far, as of the first week of December of 2017, there are just under 1,600. 

It is important for all people involved in a motor vehicle accident to see doctors immediately. Wounds are not always readily apparent. Sometimes a person will feel perfectly fine following a car accident, but weeks later, severe symptoms develop. At this point from a legal perspective, it will be difficult to prove the injury was a result of the collision if there is no medical report on file. 

Job hunting with a felony charge

Once a person is convicted of a criminal charge in Louisiana, he or she has a criminal record that can be accessed by pretty much anyone. Many employers run background checks that look at criminal records. This can make it difficult for a convicted felon to find a job because many employers will not hire someone with a felony in their background. However, they can still get a job. They just need to take some special steps to help them towards their goal.

To begin with, everyone needs to understand their rights. According to Intellicorp, the state law says that state employers cannot ask applicants to disclose their criminal background on an employment application. Obviously, this will not help with private employers and certain positions are exempt from this ban, but knowing this can still be helpful.

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