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Recent birth control pill recall

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Recalls of medications in Louisiana can have long-lasting effects. Sometimes patients may not be aware of the recall and keep using the medication. In some cases, damage is already done once a recall is made. According to Time, in May 2017, there was a recall on birth control pills made by the manufacturer Lupin Pharmaceuticals. The issue with the pills was the first four pills in each pack were not active and were only placebos. This, obviously, rendered the pills ineffective against preventing pregnancy.

The name of the pills is Mibelas 24 F-E. They are chewable and issued in a blister pack of 28 pills. They were sold nationwide. The issue occurred due to the pills being packed backwards. The last four pills in a pack should be the placebo pills.

The Federal Drug Administration notes the recall was voluntary. Even though the recall was made public, some women may still have the pills because they don’t expire until May 2018. This is why it is important to repeat recall information. Companies the pills were distributed to, though, should have stopped selling them upon the issuance of the recall order.

The FDA offered further description of the pills, stating the pack contains 24 pills that are off-white or white with printing on each side. One side says LU, and the other says N81. The other four pills have M22 on one side instead of N81.

While no serious effects of the incorrect pill packs have been reported, it is possible for some pregnancies to have resulted. In addition, there is concern the pills could cause serious harm to maternal and fetal health.