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Truck Accidents

A truck accident can change your life forever. You may suddenly face a long and painful recovery, have little or no income, and the life you had may seem like a distant memory.

At Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, in Shreveport, we help victims of tractor trailer accidents and their families rebuild their lives. We are compassionate counselors who care about our clients and their families. We are also strong advocates with a record of success in truck accident, car accident and other personal injury cases.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates will work to maximize the compensation you receive. Call 318-230-7016 or contact us online for a consultation.

Getting The Medical Treatment You Need

Our highest priority will be to help you get the medical treatment and rehabilitation services you need to recover. Over the years, we have built a network of medical specialists, including head and neck injury practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and other professionals. These specialists can identify the care and services you need, and support the legal effort by providing compelling testimony about your injuries.

We will also look at the crash — how it happened, who was at fault, and the losses, pain and suffering it caused. Attorney Jacqueline A. Scott will work to build a strong case that helps you get the help you need.

Helping You Rebuild Your Life

We want to help you rebuild your life — medically, financially and emotionally. We will work to get you the medical treatment and rehabilitation you need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

Whether it involves an 18-wheeler, a tanker, a local delivery van or any other type of commercial vehicle, Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates will stand by you throughout the legal process.

Your future is important to us.

We Are Ready To Advocate For You

For a consultation with a truck accident attorney at Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, call local 318-230-7016 or send us an email. The initial consultations in a personal injury case is free, and we do not charge any fee until we obtain compensation for you*.

We serve clients in the greater Shreveport/Bossier City area and across Northwest Louisiana.

*Clients may be responsible for costs and expenses.

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