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Steps to take when you are involved in a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Car Accidents

Driving on Louisiana roadways is something most people take for granted, whether you are running errands, going to work or heading out for date night. At Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, we have experience representing clients injured in traffic accidents.

If you have been in a traffic accident, chances are there is confusion and several people talking at once. Try to stay calm and call the police even if it is a minor accident and no one, including yourself, appears to be hurt. Law enforcement can assess the situation, determine if intoxication is a factor and direct traffic around the scene. According to FindLaw, insurance companies and attorneys can use the report they file about the crash in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

While it may be tempting to discuss what happened with the other individuals involved in the incident, it is not wise. Anything you say may be used to establish fault in the negotiations with your insurance company or a liability claim. Instead of talking about the collision, take notes. Memory fades quickly, and you may not have a clear account of the chain of events in a few weeks or even a few days.

Write down what happened, document the damage to your vehicle, detail the weather and road conditions and anything that witnesses may say about the accident and the time just before the collision. Document the scene with pictures, exchange contact and insurance information with the other parties involved and report the crash to your insurance carrier.

Assessing whether a driver violated traffic laws is critical to identifying the person responsible for an accident. Personal injury claims may be filed to reimburse victims for medical bills, lost wages and compensation for their pain and suffering. More information on this topic is available on our webpage.