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3 car accident injuries that take time to reveal themselves

On behalf of Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates posted in medical malpractice on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

This year appears to be on track for fewer severe injury and fatality crashes than 2016 in Louisiana. According to DataReports from Louisiana State University, there were 1,887 crashes involving severe and fatal injuries in 2016, while so far, as of the first week of December of 2017, there are just under 1,600.

It is important for all people involved in a motor vehicle accident to see doctors immediately. Wounds are not always readily apparent. Sometimes a person will feel perfectly fine following a car accident, but weeks later, severe symptoms develop. At this point from a legal perspective, it will be difficult to prove the injury was a result of the collision if there is no medical report on file.

1. Herniated disc

The whiplash people commonly experience following a crash can lead to a herniated disc. This occurs when one of the vertebrae in a spine ruptures or becomes dislodged. It can put additional pressure on the spine, leading to loss of control in certain muscles and extreme pain. It can even result in long-term disability over time. It may take weeks for the symptoms to fully manifest.

2. Knee and shoulder injuries

A person’s knees and shoulders are more likely to experience severe injuries following a collision. Muscles and cartilage in these areas of the body can become torn. Many times, injuries to these joints require surgery, which can get expensive. This is why people need to see a doctor right after a car accident. There is a greater likelihood insurance can cover the cost of surgery, or at least a big portion of it, if the person shows the injury is a direct result of the incident.

3. Concussion

In an extreme collision, a person’s head can whip back and forth, causing a temporary loss of consciousness or loss of certain cognitive functions. It may take months for a person to realize he or she has become forgetful or is more prone to mood swings. A doctor can run an MRI on a person immediately after a crash to see if there are any notable changes to a person’s brain tissue.

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