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An arrest or conviction for a crime can haunt you for years after the event. It may prevent you from advancing in your career or even from applying for certain types of jobs.

The good news is that in many cases you can obtain an expungement of a conviction or an arrest. An expungement seals your criminal record or in some cases results in the destruction of that record.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates is an experienced criminal defense firm that obtains expungements for people who are arrested or convicted of certain types of crimes.

Call 318-230-7016 or contact us online for a consultation to see if you qualify for an expungement.

What Can Be Expunged … And What Can’t?

Louisiana law regarding expungement is complex. Generally speaking, you can get an expungement for:

  • a misdemeanor charge that was resolved by dismissal, sustaining a motion to quash, or an acquittal other than under Article 894
  • a misdemeanor conviction that was deferred under Article 894
  • a misdemeanor or felony arrest that was not followed by a formal charge
  • certain types of felony charges and acquittals under Article 893

Convictions for sex offenses are not eligible for expungement, but in some cases those for DWI can be expunged.

The Benefits Of Expungement

An expungement is like a second chance. It allows you to truthfully say “no” to the question “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?” You can put the event behind you and move forward in your life.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates can review your situation and advise you about what we can and cannot do for you. If you qualify for an expungement, our firm can usually get final action on your petition in 35 to 90 days.

We Are Ready To Begin Working On Your Expungement Today

For a consultation with Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, call local 318-230-7016 or send us an email. We serve clients in the greater Shreveport/Bossier City area and across northwest Louisiana.

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