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Oil And Gas Injuries

The recent surge in energy prices has led to increased oil and gas drilling activity in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. With that drilling comes the possibility of oil field accidents and the potential for legal disputes over land use and environmental pollution.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates, in Shreveport, fields an experienced litigator who has a record of success in challenging cases involving workplace accidents and other types of legal disputes. We take action to protect the rights of oil field workers and property owners in Northwest Louisiana.

Compensation For Victims Of Oil Field Accidents

Oilfield workers do not have to be told they work in a dangerous occupation. Every working day, they face the possibility of harm from falls, vehicle accidents, falling objects, burns and other serious injuries.

When an accident happens, oil and gas workers need to make sure their rights are protected. Workers’ compensation can pay for medical care and lost income, but it is often not enough to enable you to recover completely.

If your accident was the fault of a third party, such as a subcontractor or oilfield services company, you may be entitled to compensation from that source as well as the workers’ compensation system.

Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates has successfully represented many people who have suffered serious injuries in the workplace and from other causes. We will work to maximize the compensation you recover, which can include money for your medical costs, rehabilitation, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Protecting The Rights Of Property Owners

Some property owners have been surprised when drilling rigs or construction equipment suddenly appear on their property and begin operations. In other cases, oil and gas companies have polluted land or reconfigured it through grading and failed to restore the land to its original condition.

In these situations, you may have legal options even though the mineral rights to your land were sold. Jacqueline A. Scott & Associates uses the law to assert the rights of property owners. Our firm will work to protect your rights and obtain compensation for any environmental damage done to your land.

Our Experience In Oil And Gas Cases Makes A Difference

For a consultation with Jacqueline A. Scott, call 318-230-7016 or send us an email. We serve clients in the greater Shreveport/Bossier City area and across northwest Louisiana.

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